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jim ansari

Jamshid M. Ansari was born in Tehran in 1945. He began painting and design at the age of 10 under the direction of Mr Petgar, who is among the most well known Iranian artists.

After graduating from high school with a degree in natural sciences, Jamshid moved to Italy to attend the "FINE ART ACADEMY OF PIETRO VANNUCCI" in the city of Perugia, Italy.

During his stay in Perugia he held many exhibitions of his paintings which captured his style of "Impressionism and Surrealism", a style he maintained and practiced for nearly 10 years. His last exhibition in Italy was in Perugia at the famed "Ferrare Gallery".

This marked the beginning of a new era in his professional life, critics acclaimed his work and praised his style of unique artistry in numerous newspaper articles throughout Italy.

In 1970, Jamshid received a Master's degree from the Pietro Vannucci Academy and returned to Iran where he worked mostly in the area of interior decorating and design.

Among his many accomplishments are his design work and participation in the world exhibition in Tehran, the Iranian embassy in Afghanistan, villas of the Kish Island and various hotels and bank buildings in Tehran.

One of his notable exhibitions in Iran was held for the "Iranian and French Society" where he displayed his new style of artistry called " NAIVE MINIATURE" . His next exhibitions was held in Paris in 1979 and included naïve miniature. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles where he held two successful private exhibitions. As an artist, Jamshid has mastered the delicacy of Eastern Art and blended it with the decorative art of the west.

In his style he deals in miniature such as horses, birds, and trees which represent the basic elements of life. The bird symbolizes freedom, the horse portrays grace and beauty and the tree resembles life itself.